It has been said “life is fragile, handle with care!” Our changing society has radically increased the range of ways in which people can be exposed to different kinds of trauma.

Although sexual abuse remains the biggest cause of post-traumatic stress, extremely difficult environments through childhood, relationships or work can also cause traumatic symptoms. Unfortunately many people also suffer from symptoms arising from accidents they have experienced, or even witnessed others suffering. Some of the key ways in which post-traumatic stress affects us, can involve symptoms such as losing our stress resilience, and becoming overwhelmed much more easily than we would like to. Other symptoms can include high levels of anxiety, being triggered into panic or fear if we are exposed to certain situations or people that remind us of the event or situation that caused our trauma. Many people try to cope by trying hard just to “tough it out” in the hope that will get better, or by avoiding anything that reminds them of the trauma. We believe it is much more important to develop and use ways that help reduce anxiety and increase overall ability to enjoy life to the fullest without fear or of being overwhelmed. We have clinicians around the country who are able to help resolve post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from a wide range of approaches.

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