Sometimes, the intensity of different symptoms can become so severe that it can be difficult to function well in our daily life. OCD is a prime example of a condition which is very difficult to manage and which can control many aspects of our daily life.

This can be extremely frustrating both for the person experiencing it as well as for friends and family. Other areas and are associated with this can include compulsive eating, sexuality or focus on a particular personal situation. There are some new treatment modalities which are now becoming more readily available that are able to provide hope to sufferers in this kind of area. Unfortunately, at this point treatment of these conditions by means of neuro feedback can only be done in Palmerston North. However, we do have some psychotherapy trained clinicians in other areas such as Auckland and Hawke’s Bay who can help with some of these conditions.

If you suffer from Obsessions or Compulsions then please feel free to contact us and we will put you in touch with someone who can help. Contact Us