Modern families are subjected to a huge range of pressures.

Modern families are subjected to a huge range of pressures. Not only do parents often have to work harder and for longer hours with less job security or survive on very limited income, but the values and standards of society today can be quite different to what they were raised with. Our children are being exposed to more TV and video games than was the case a generation ago. Some of these changes are exciting. For example our children are often much more computer literate from a younger age than we as parents ever were. In addition, our children are more savvy about electronics and have access to much more information of all kinds. But this also presents more difficulties, children are exposed to significant risks on the internet, they relate more easily through electronic means rather than going outside and playing like children of a generation ago. It also means that children are very exposed to wanting more things and wanting to have a greater say in the decisions affecting their own life, without always having the maturity to make good decisions.

When these problems are added to parents being under stress, then it is small wonder that so many families today are struggling to cope with each other and with life. At the same time children themselves are under increased pressure to perform at school, fit in with the in crowd or deal with bullying.

This means that the numbers of children with depression or anxiety is at an all-time high. Sometimes the children in a family can develop behavioural problems such as stealing, wetting their bed at an age where bed wetting is uncommon, drug use, or violence, self-harm such as cutting or running away. In addition, life can be made more complicated if a child suffers from extreme shyness, anxiety, adjustment difficulties or a condition such as Asperger’s or autism. It is a compliment to many parents that they cope as well as they do.

Sometimes families also come under stress when there are changes to the family such as a new stepfather, stepmother, or new children being added to the family unit. We believe that it is important to be able to have fun as a family. We have different professionals who can help with relationship counselling, family therapy or help your child directly if they have difficulties with anxiety, behavioural issues or a condition such as Asperger’s or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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