Depression is a much bigger problem than is often realised.

Statistics now say that about one person in three can expect a sufficiently severe depression during their life that it will seriously affect their work and relationships. Many more people struggle for years with a lower level of depression that leaves them feeling flat, with no real enjoyment, struggling to motivate themselves and being irritated or overwhelmed by even the smallest events in their life. In many ways people now need to live with a much higher level of pressure and expectation on them than was the case a generation or so ago. It’s been said that modern society places extraordinary pressures on everyone, and as a result we need to find extraordinary solutions to these pressures.

In most instances our upbringing doesn’t teach us how to cope well with grief, losing our job, dealing with burnout or experiencing a series of misfortunes. Psychologists and counsellors are trained in ways that can help people develop life skills to cope with things better or to help them make sense out of past experiences.

Sometimes a trained counsellor is especially helpful in enabling us to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, deal with unfairness or misfortune or to learn how to deal with difficult emotions. While we often associate depression with low mood, other key features of depression can be poor or excessive sleep, loss of motivation or high levels of irritability.

However you experience depression, it is worthwhile not simply trying to deal with it on your own but to seek professional help. Our clinicians are experienced in working with depression and are committed to helping you find a workable way forward.

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