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Thought Technology’s FREE Webinar Series

By January 24, 2018 No Comments

Thought Technology’s FREE Webinar Series Continues…

Title: Brain-Training Made Easy with pIR HEG

Description: Are you to type of clinician that wishes they could add the benefits of neurofeedback to your clinical methods, but just aren’t ready for the complexities of the data? A solution exists for you that matches the simplicity of training physiology with biofeedback: passive infrared hemoencephalography (pIR HEG). It’s an indirect measurement of cerebral blood flow that is easy to apply, simple for a client to understand, and rapidly engaging. Join Jon Bale for this 1-hour webinar as describes how the measurement works, Thought Technology’s pIR Suite, and how you too can train your clients’ frontal lobes with little-to-no hassle.

Date: February 14th, 2018 To register, visit http://bit.ly/2mthKWL


Title: Z-Score Suite: Norms that Guide your Neurofeedback

Description: Z-Scores are a solution for neurofeedback practitioners that want a tool to assist in the interpretation of their client’s results. The concept is that EEG patterns can be immediately identified if any fall outside of the database of ‘normal’ brain activity. Consequently, treatment planning is also simplified because training involves bringing those patterns back into a normal range.

Sounds great, right? Well you can do it too with Thought Technology’s Z-Score Suite. Join Jon Bale as he explores how the Z-Score Suite lets you compare brain activity in real-time to a normative database, and get straight to training the problem areas for your clients.

Date: March 14th, 2018 To register, visit http://bit.ly/2qUCVFQ


Title: Customizing your Sessions with the Developer (Editing) Tools

Description: Have you ever wanted to modify one of your biofeedback or neurofeedback sessions, in terms of either:

  • what instruments are shown on-screen,
  • what statistics are generated,
  • how long or what order of activities in the scripted protocol.

Thought Technology’s software contains editing tools that allow you to alter almost any aspects of a session. If you want to get a simple introduction to these applications, then come join this webinar where Jon Bale will examine the Developer Tools editing software, in particular the Channel Editor, Screen Editor, and Script Editor.

Date: April 18th, 2018 To register, visit     http://bit.ly/2DmEfUj

(Note about the above: the developer tool sessions will give the briefest of introduction, and strongly encourage people to take a longer or private developer tools’ course)

Watch the Re-Broadcast of the previous Webinars at Past Webinars  http://bit.ly/2kV3brR