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The Pip

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How it works
Powered by science, the Pip trains you to improve your health by measuring and showing you your body’s response to stress.
By detecting electrodermal activity (EDA) in your fingertips,
8 times per second, the Pip accurately determines whether your body’s relaxing or stressing. This data feeds into our Apps where it controls your
in-App progress.
By visualising your changing stress levels, you can try different techniques to control it. This is called biofeedback – an effective technique to manage stress.
Regular practice with the Pip helps you learn to consciously be in control of your body’s response to stress. This means when you’re faced with a stressful situation you have
the right tools to manage it.
How to use the Pip
Select from our suite of Apps (available on iOS and
Android) and hold the Pip between your thumb
and index finger. The Pip detects if you’re focused
and relaxing, or if you’re stressed and your mind is
wandering. This influences your in-App progress.
The more you relax, the better you progress. At the
end of the session, review your performance and
compare progress over time.
Technical requirements
Pip supported devices include: Apple – iPhone
4S and higher, iPad 3 and higher (including
iPad mini); Android devices running Android
Gingerbread (2.3.3) or higher.

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