Rapid Recovery Herbal Sport Rub – by Nature’s Nurse

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Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub (80g Tube)

Start feeling pain relief in just 4 minutes with natural MSM mineral. Ultra high levels of  Arnica naturally reduce inflammation & bruising, while Comfrey leaf and Colloidal minerals work to speed up your recovery.

Ideal for muscles, joints, sports injuries and muscle fatigue. Quick relief for back and sciatic nerve pain, for aching joints, bruising, sprains and strains. Effective for repetitive strains or Over use (OOS or RSI) conditions. Safe for frequent use – no NSAID’s or harmful side effects.

Fast acting – long lasting relief

MSM mineral – a natural form of the vital Sulphur mineral – gives your fast relief in just 4 minutes. Lasts for around 4 hours.

Faster, better and safer for you than popping a NSAID pill. Avoids all the health risks of pharmaceutical drugs and gels.  Let’s you treat your own pain and injury fast – naturally.

Ideal for warming up muscles and joints before training or sports.  Speeds up recovery after. No more DOMS. Less injury downtime.

Tested and endorsed by marathoners, endurance athletes, world leading triathletes, Cross Fitters (and many thousands of weekend warriors too).

Great to use – 100% natural

100% natural ingredients. Minty cool. Fast absorbing & hypollergenic.

Safe for frequent use. No side effects or health issues  (as found in all NSAID’s rubs or pills). Want more details – Read our NSAID blog post.

Approved by Drug Free Sport NZ for elite athletes with no harmful or restricted ingredients.

Used and recommended by experts & professionals: Elite athletes, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists & Sports Massage Therapists.

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