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NeuroTrac™ Software License

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Stand Alone Software License Certificate  – Latest Software Version 5.0.109

The licence contains an activation code for 5 activations. This allows you to activate your installations upto 5 times. The typical intended use is to have 2 installations, one on the stationary PC in clinic and another on mobile laptop. The remaining 3 activations would be reserved if you change the Windows machine.  Please consider to purchase an additional licence, if your situation requires more machines to be activated. We have only one type of Licence: for 5 activations.

The Activation is unique to the installation and is not transferable. If you update the hardware of your computer/laptop or move to another computer/laptop, you can move your database but it does not contain activation.You will be asked to activate the installation one more time.

The licence contains the activation key, which looks like: AAAA-AAAA-AAAA. The Licence comes via email or could be printed for you.