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NeuroTrac™ Pelvitone

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Please Note : Vaginal Probe will need to purchased separately for this machine as it it not included in the box. Please click here to purchase Vaginal Probe.

Dual channel PelviTone device has all the features of Continence device, plus:

  • Advanced multi-phase programmes where treatment is split into time phases with different stimulation parameters;
  • Stronger symmetrical stimulation with the reduced Pulse Width : 50 – 330 μS.
  • Three Custom programmes plus 11 Preset Continence programmes.
  • Lock mode function to  measure the home compliance (mA and time used)
  • NeuroTrac ™ VeriProbe – The Vaginal probe for EMG and Electrostimulation.


  • Dual channel: individually isolated circuits.
  • Amplitude: 0-90 mA into 500 Ohm load; actual mA will tend to be less than indicated due to electrode impedance: at 1000 Ohms load (Electrodes in poor condition) the maximum will be limited to 86 mA, at 1500 Ohms load the maximum will be limited to 65 mA.
  • Type: Constant current,
  • maximum output voltage 180 Volts +10 / -30 Volts
  • Waveform: Symmetrical, rectangular bi-phasic with zero DC
  • Selectable pulse width: 50 μS – 330 μS [2% accuracy].
  • Pulse Rate selection: in the continuous mode 2 – 100 Hz
    [2% accuracy].
  • Time duration of the treatment selectable: 1 minute to 90 minutes.
  • Low Battery Indicator: If the battery goes below 6.9 volts +/- 0.2
    volts the battery symbol will flash on/off once every second.
  • Open Electrode Detect: If an open circuit is detected at the
    output of channel A or B the output current will be reset at zero.
  • Ramp up time 0.1 – 9.9 seconds.
  • If the battery voltage is below 6.6 (+/- 0.2) volts the unit will not turn on.
  • Physical dimensions: 134 x 69 x 29.7 mm.
  • Weight: 0.18 KG with battery.
  • Environmental Conditions for use:+10 to +30 degrees Centigrade. 0-90% Humidity.
  • Environmental conditions for storage & transport:
    -10 to +50 degrees Centigrade. 0-90% Humidity.


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