eVu-TPS System with DeStress solution (includes Biograph 6.6 and DeStress suite)

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The DeStress Solution is the latest Thought Technology software product, as well as the first time the BioGraph Infiniti software functions with the TPS sensor. The DeStress Solution is intended for health care practitioners who want a tool to evaluate stress markers, teach stress management, and enhance resilience via biofeedback self-regulation. The software offers a complete toolkit of sessions for assessing and reporting stress, self-regulation (biofeedback) training screens and relaxation therapy exercises, based on the modalities on-hand. This product is intentionally positioning itself as a cost-effective and sleek solution for clinicians.

The package will undoubtedly also appeal to practitioners already in the field and familiar with stress metrics, since this tool provides access to the robust BioGraph Infiniti software (whether as a researcher or clinician) using an unobtrusive, low-cost sensor. Previous purchasers of the TPS (alone) will also probably be enticed.

The use of the “DeStress Solution” name in conversation refers to both the TPS sensor for data collection and the Biograph Infiniti software with suite.

Suite content

The DeStress Solution was designed with a number of priorities in mind, all intended to help clinicians integrate stress measurements and biofeedback into their practices.

Easy to understand and use: The DeStress Solution doesn’t assume a high level of experience with physiological monitoring and biofeedback equipment and technical jargon is kept at a minimum. The TPS sensor itself already avoids many previous hardships of complex hardware hook-ups.

Clinically relevant: The DeStress Solution is designed from a clinical perspective and its biofeedback and tools are arranged and organised in a way that parallels clinical thinking.

Report self-analysis: The report that follows the Stress Test provides fully written analysis of the results, for both clinician and client. Clinicians new to the field will especially appreciate this guidance for the therapy, and clients will appreciate the simplified ratings.

Training assistance when necessary: Each training screen includes PDF instructions that can be pulled up to guide the therapist.

Four metrics of stress: Although the TPS sensor is designed to measure skin conductance, heart rate variability, and temperature, the sensor’s accelerometer is used in a unique way for an HRV training screen to provide respiration rhythms.

System requirements

  • This package is only available for use with the TPS sensor. It cannot function with any other encoder, and the TPS sensor will not function with any other encoder.
  • The required version of BioGraph Infiniti for the software is 6.6 or higher. Release of Biograph 6.6 will coincide with the release of the DeStress Solution.
    • Previous purchasers of the TPS can purchase solely the DeStress Solution software (BioGraph license) to use the product.
  • The PC requires a Bluetooth-enabled capability to connect with the TPS sensor, whether built-in or provided via a dongle.
    • Thought Technology will not be providing a Bluetooth-enabling dongle.
  • Microsoft Excel is required for use of the Stress Test Report.
  • 2 monitors are required to take advantage of the 2-monitor setup.


  • Low cost, high-value solution compared to equivalent clinical systems on the market.
  • The Stress Test, learning control sessions, and relaxation exercises are launched with Quick Starts, making it easy for the clinician to know what to do.
  • The Stress Test includes a self-interpreting Excel report, with clinician and client-focused components.
  • Learning Control sessions designed to mostly be automated.
  • Self-regulation training includes games (whether game-like screens or Zukor Interactive production)
  • Software is fully compatible with 1 or 2-monitor setups.
  • A detailed reference manual is included.