Kate Tappenden


Kate studied psychology, philosophy and physiology and graduated with a PhD in psychology and philosophy from Waikato University, New Zealand. She undertook additional training on clinical psychological assessment and interventions and registered as a psychologist after completing a postgraduate diploma in psychological practice and a 1500- hour internship at Pain Management and Rehabilitation Services.

Kate specialises in working with trauma, anxiety and chronic pain. She has particular research interests in fibromyalgia, PTSD, developmental trauma disorder and complex trauma. Kate also has experience working with amputees, CRPS, chronic headaches and sleep disorders. She is trained in biofeedback, cognitive behaviour therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. Mindfulness-based strategies are integral to Kate’s work as a psychologist and she uses biofeedback to support people to learn to manage pain, anxiety, depression and symptoms of trauma.

Kate’s approach is person-centred and underlying her work is the main principle of embodied psychology: the brain, mind and body form a dynamic system that has evolved and is continuously responding to the internal and external environment for the survival of the organism. Kate’s work, therefore requires an holistic approach to well-being and she works closely with providers from other disciplines to achieve a holistic approach to intervention where needed. Kate works with survivors of sexual abuse under ACC’s sensitive claims contract. She is also a provider for ACC’s pain management service and accepts private clients.